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Our history

Kelly Smith, the proud founder of Osteo Cheltenham, was a professional swimmer long before she became interested in the wonderful abilities of osteopathic treatments and decided to make her living helping other people discover this increasingly popular, yet still unorthodox, therapy. However, it was precisely through her swimming training that she came upon osteopathy. Tennis elbow is a relatively common ailment, but its title wrongly suggests that only tennis players get it – it was the problem that Kelly encountered and successfully treated by using osteopathic techniques.

As she delved deeper into the world of osteopathy, Kelly soon realised that its many uses go far beyond the troubles faced by professional athletes and include a variety of aches and pains everybody can encounter. She retired from swimming in 2012 after getting pregnant and, while on the lookout for a new line of work, decided that her passion for osteopathy and helping people can provide her with a truly meaningful career.

So Osteo Cheltenham was born – the clinic was established in 2013 and has been growing steadily ever since.


Some of the best osteopaths in the UK have chosen to make Osteo Cheltenham their home. Our team is now comprised of ten professional and highly-qualified osteopaths specialising in anything from sports injuries to chronic back pain to complications experienced during pregnancy, as well as a renowned chiropractor and six masseurs who are able to treat every musculoskeletal issue that you can imagine.

Our osteopaths are also proud members of the Institute of Osteopathy and have been registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

Whether you are experiencing arhritis, persistent headaches, postural problems or even depression, our wonderful team can help you out. Our clinic takes great care in ensuring that the knowledge and expertise of our therapists is always up-to-date and collaborates with the British School of Osteopathy, the UK’s largest and oldest osteopathic training institution, in order to provide the clinic’s specialists with continuing professional education and a variety of specialised courses.

A message from our CEO……  “I first discovered osteopathy as a professional swimmer dealing with a common ailment but the journey did not end there – it greatly eased my back pain during pregnancy, helped me manage persistent headaches and even relieved some psychological symptoms of stress. This is why I have made it my primary goal in life to bring this universal treatment to the other sufferers out there. I, along with all the members of the clinic’s staff, firmly believe in the powers of osteopathy and value every client who walks through the door, and our compassionate attitude is what sets us apart from the growing crowd of specialists in the field.”

Kelly Smith

CEO, Osteo Cheltenham

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